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Current Status at PurdueFW

Educate: You need a total of 20 points in this section. This section helps you discuss how you chose your major to future employeers and what drew you to your career choice. Select the activities that you've already completed (select all that apply). 

Develop: You need a total of 30 points in this section. This section includes 3 required activities (resume, mock interview, and LinkedIn). This section also highlights activities that help to develop your professional identity and job search materials. Select the activities that you've already completed (select all that apply). 

Connect: You need a total of 50 points in this section.  How have you started to gain exposure to the world of work? These activities expose you to the world of work and professionals in your desired field. They also look great on a resume! Select the activities that you've already completed (select all that apply).