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Facility reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Groups should submit their request a minimum of 2 weeks in advance in order to receive full consideration. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing of requests. Scheduling will not be final until the Associate Director of Aquatics has confirmed your reservation.


Type of group/organization:

Please check the location of your event/reservation:

What space in the Aquatic Center or Recreation Pool, CoRec or Field Space would you like to request?

Please list any additional needs (equipment, tables, chairs, lights, lining, etc.)

Facility Reservation Policies 

  1. A reservation request can be made by a recognized student organization, a university department, or a group of students, faculty, or staff.  Student rates apply to events that involve exclusively Purdue University
    students.  Faculty rates apply to events that involve exclusively Purdue community participants.
  2. Reservation requests submitted by groups outside the Purdue community will be considered pending availability.
  3. A completed reservation form should be submitted a minimum of two weeks in advance in order to receive full consideration.  Other requests will be considered as space and time allows. 
  4. Recognized student organizations must file a Dean of Students Office Event Planning Form.
  5. The event sponsor (or his/her designee) will be on site throughout the reservation and will be held responsible for the conduct of all members of the group while using DRS facilities.
  6. Staffing needs and associated costs will be determined by DRS staff.
  7. The DRS reserves the right to require liability coverage from any group or individual.
  8. The DRS reserves the right to alter staffing, regulate the continuation of participation, or cancel the event due to circumstances that may pose a hazard to the safety of the participants or to the condition of the facilities, including inclement weather.  (Each group is expected to have a back-up plan in case event is canceled due to weather concerns.)
  9. All participants must present a readable Purdue University ID, pay the daily admission fee and show proof of eligibility, or pay associated reservation fees for non-Purdue affiliated groups. Event sponsors are responsible for coordinating group admittance into DRS facilities and ensuring that participants stay in the designated area.
  10. The event sponsor will be held financially responsible for all lost, stolen or damaged equipment.
  11. All postings, field or floor markings must be approved in advance.
  12. Participants must comply with State, University and DRS laws, rules and regulations.  Persons misusing equipment or non-compliant to safety rules or instruction will be asked to leave the facility.
  13. Purdue University prohibits the possession, consumption or distribution of alcohol.
  14. Food and drink are restricted to designated areas inside the DRS facilities and AQUA.  Any request for event concessions must meet the approved guidelines established by Purdue University. 
  15. Commercial sponsorship and solicitation must be approved in advance.  All vendors not affiliated with the organization must have separate rental contract with the DRS.
  16. Smoking is prohibited in and within 30 feet of all University buildings.
  17. Parking is extremely limited. Any special parking requests need to be arranged through University parking
  18. Depending on the scope of the event, a non-refundable deposit or full payment may be required at the time of reservation.
  19. Cancellations must be received in writing at least one week prior to the event in order for refunds to be considered.
  20. Any group expecting to reserve or rent facility space is required to turn in an event plan along with all details including a diagram of the set-up.   



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