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Are you 18 (years of age) or over 18?

Are you, or your business entity, involved in organic produce/vegetable production (i.e. production or post-harvest handling)?

 What was the estimated total acreage of organic produce/vegetables that you grew last year?

What are the top three organic produce/vegetables you grow (based on acreage)?

 If you grow or handle organic tomatoes, how do you measure or evaluate the following parameters after harvest? Please mark the most appropriate response for each parameter.

If you grow or handle organic lettuce, how do you evaluate the following parameters after harvest? Please mark the most appropriate response for each parameter.

During production, harvesting, handling, and marketing activities, produce/vegetables can become contaminated with pathogens that make people sick. Considering an organic vegetable farm similar to your own, in your opinion, to what extent do the following factors contribute to the risk of vegetable contamination with pathogens (organisms that could make people sick)? Mark the most appropriate response for each factor.

      Does not contribute Contributes very little Contributes some Contributes a lot No opinion

Do you use a cell/mobile phone for your personal use?

    How do you use your cell phone for farm-related tasks? Mark all that apply.

If you do not use cell phone for farm operations, please identify the possible reasons. Mark all that apply.

Traceability mechanism for organic produce/vegetable crops will allow one (grower, buyer, and consumer) to track a specific crop back to the originating farm.  Many customers of organic crops appreciate this capability. Would you be interested in knowing more about such technology or capability for organic products on your farm?

How challenging or easy to achieve are the following activities in relation to the harvesting of organic produce/vegetable crops on your farm?  Mark the most appropriate response for each activity.

      Very Challenging Challenging Neither challenging nor easy Easy to achieve Very easy to achieve

Do you agree with the following postulation? There is risk for food safety/microbial contamination associated with organic produce/vegetable crops during production, harvesting, handling, storage and transportation, and therefore it will be beneficial for the grower to know this risk for a specific farm operation so that risk can be minimized or eliminated.

 Which of the following activities or factors related to post-harvest handling affects the post-harvest quality of organic produce/vegetables.  Mark the most appropriate response for each activity/factor.

      Does not affect Affects very little Affects to some degree Affects a lot Do not know

Which of the following cell phone applications would be most useful to your organic farming operations?

      Not useful Somewhat useful Very useful No opinion

 How do you generally seek information about farm management? Check all that apply.

If any easy-to-use computer program or app is available to you that can help you determine the risk factors for organic produce/vegetables quality and safety associated with different production and processing practices, will you be interested to use this program or app?

Based on your experience and observation, how tomato is cleaned after harvesting? Please check one.

Based on your experience and observation, which of the following post-harvest activities are practiced to prevent internationalization of bacteria (pathogen) in organic produce/vegetables? Please check one.

Which of the following activities are widely practiced during cooling and curing of organic produce/ vegetables (tomato, lettuce etc.) after harvest? Please check one.

Training farm employee to maintain hygienic and sanitary practices during harvesting and handling of organic produce/vegetable is critical. Additional technological tools that are affordable and easy to use can help a grower to enhance the employee training process. A few examples include cell-phone-based alert/reminder, cell-phone-based game that can entertain the employee during break time while reinforcing the hygienic concepts. What is your opinion about the usefulness of such tools?

Through different governmental and non-governmental agencies, it is now possible to obtain satellite images of a grower’s farm at different times during the growing season. From these images, additional information related to crops and soil can be obtained to assist the grower in making better management decisions. Will you be interested in such service or capabilities?

In your opinion, how useful is the use of ORP (oxidation reduction potential) meter to measure the sanitizer activity of wash water during post-harvest operation of organic produce/vegetables?

Are you aware of internet of things (IOT)?

With the advancement of computers and internet technology, now it is possible for a grower to store farm production and management related information in a remote secured computer “cloud”. There might be a fee for this service. Will you be interested to store your farm’s production and management related information in “cloud”?

What is your overall perspective of the use of high tunnel for the production of organic produce/vegetables (tomato, lettuce and others)?